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Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in san antonio
serving south texas and beyond

Hey, I'm Brandi!

Seeing a cotton candy sunset or love in someone's eyes makes my heart skip. 
I believe I have always been an artist, but always heard growing up that to dream too big might lead me to be a "starving artist."
I spent years working jobs I thought I was "supposed to."
Now, I am overjoyed to do what I love. 

My typical days are spent with coffee by morning, editing by afternoon, talking 1st grade drama with my beautiful 7 year old daughter after school, painting our nails and hitting the gym somewhere in between. 
I'm always on the go!

I seek out quaint coffee shops where I can work and be productive all morning and a good movie snuggled on the couch at night while I edit beautiful galleries. 

Find me at a museum, zoo or aquarium when my daughter chooses the day's activities. Find me cooking or eating at a good Mediterranean restaurant if my son is by my side.

I can't wait to meet you!
Message me if you want me to help you to make a memory! I would love to be considered to photograph your moments! 

Finalist Shoot & Share 2020

My photography journey...

What did I do with my 1st $40 on my birthday in 4th grade?
I bought a polaroid camera and brought it on all of my field trips. I have all the evidence of weird wardrobe from random friends back in 1994 (lol).
I was always taking pictures and always treasuring the moments. 

I really picked up a camera the semester after I finished college, in 2011. I started photographing couples and families, but soon after started teaching High School Social Studies. 
I spent 5 years in the classroom before I decided to leave the public school system and go full-time with photography. Since 2018, I have been an independent business owner and I haven't looked back. 

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key west, florida mangrove kayaking tour 

kayaking everywhere!

I grew up in Castroville, Texas playing on the Medina River. 
High School summers were spent driving out to the river and jumping off of the cliffs all day. 

Some weekends my dad took me camping at Garner State Park. 
The Frio River is where I swam with family and where I went to summer camp at Alto Frio. 

By the time I was buying my first house, I found one on the Medina River in Bandera, Texas. That's where I bought my first Kayak. 

I have kayaked in the Galapagos Islands, Key West Mangrove Mazes, around Vancouver Island and all around Texas. 

I moved to the city for the first time in 2021 and I absolutely love the city, but now I have to find kayaking opportunities on my vacations. 

My absolute favorite place is by a body of water; a lake, a river or the beach... I live for this!
I grew up going to Texas beaches and they are like my 2nd home, but I also love the Grand Caymans, Cozumel, Vancouver, Orange Beach, Alabama and Sarasota and Miami Florida to name a few of my favorite beach spots! 
Going to the beach and need photos?

port aransas, texas 

beaches in texas

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Featured: Candid Day on the Beach with Brandi Morgan Photography

I love any excuse to get dolled up and go somewhere fun  on the weekend. 
My grandma was born and raised in Germany, so before she passed away, she LOVED going to Fredericksburg. I have so many fond memories here.
Fredericksburg, Texas is reminiscent of my Grandma and a beautiful place for photos. 

I love red-wine tasting in the Texas Hill Country on a Sunday afternoon viewing the sunset and taking a scenic backroad home on the days I don't have a photoshoot. 

fredericksburg, texas 

texas hill country wineries 

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I love to workout, eat healthy foods and work hard to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 
I enjoy cooking new meals, most of the time middle-eastern dishes and something new and creative.
I even created an instagram showing all the foods I make, although I am not specialized in food photography, I have dipped my toes in it a few times. 
I like to cook Kabsa, Kabda, Hummus and lots of other yummy things. If you book me as your photographer, you can also hit me up for recipes. If you are a restaurant or business owner, let me know if I can help with your food photography!

nw SAN ANTONIO, texas 

i love to cook and photograph food too! 

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Insta Food Page @taste_of_brandi

I love going hiking to the middle of no where on a Spring or Fall afternoon. 
I love reaching the top and enjoying the miles of views of Texas landscape. 
When the weather is not too hot or not too cold, I'm usually hunting a good new hiking spot! 
If you want to go for a hike-

hiking to the top of lost maples state natural area
vanderpool, texas

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Featured: Couples Photo Session in the Fall at Lost Maples State Natural Area
by Brandi Morgan Photography llc 

My Favorite Things

west texas    | marathon, texas

courtney & greg 
DESTINATION wedding   

3 years ago I had moved to a new town & was looking for a photographer.
Naturally, I Googled & Brandi was on the list of a few that popped up.
The moment she answered the phone & we started chatting, I knew I loved her!
She was so passionate about her trade & engaging about every question/concern I had & always had an answer or solution.
Brandi was willing to help any way she could & completely understood my vision & vibe. Fast forward 3 years later & she has now done 3 AMAZING sessions for me with the most recent being my destination wedding.
Always on time, always professional, & always available for questions during the process from start to finish. Brandi does amazing quality prints & is very set on producing your order exactly how you envision! I would recommend her 1,000 times over & over!!
With one phone call I not only gained a lifetime photographer but a lifetime friend!!

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Brandi did a spectacular job photographing our wedding!
I run a wedding venue and she is the photographer that I recommend to everyone since I have experienced her talent personally.
 I chose her because of her artistic vision.
 It goes far beyond your typical wedding photography!

 Thank you Brandi…can’t wait to show everyone the photos!


Brandi is an incredible photographer. Her products and her pictures are something you wont find anywhere else and are for people looking for life long lasting photographs that you will cherish for decades to come.
She starts with a meeting where she goes over her business model and goes over what the client can expect, this really allows a bond before the photography session and it made it feel even more natural.
Taking my senior pictures with her she made me feel very comfortable and natural. She guided the way while retaining individuality and sincerity and when the reveal came I was absolutely astounded at the moments she had captured. I can confidently say that everyone needs this photographer if you're looking for the absolute highest quality and beautiful pictures and products.

b o t a n i c a l.  g a r d e n s    |
san antonio, texas

graduation portraits 

3/ 6

After getting engaged last year, I immediately went on the hunt for someone whose photos were warm, romantic and captured our personalities.
Brandi’s instagram bio says “if a photo was the color and feeling of a glass of whiskey” and that immediately hooked me! She absolutely nailed our engagement shoot and we’re looking forward to her capturing our wedding and eventually maternity/family shoots when we start our family.
She’s super fun and personable, she’s one of those people you meet and feel like you already know her. Plus, she was able to get my camera-shy fiancé out of his shell within minutes.
We got nearly a dozen “sneak-peak” photos by the next day and ordering prints through her is beyond easy. I
 will never use another photographer for anything. Ever.


3 / 6

ENGAGEMENT portraits 

I have used Brandi's services on seven different occasions, so far, and I have not been disappointed.

Brandi is talented with a great eye for detail. She knows how to get my two year old to smile and look like a pleasant child.

I've always been unsure of how to pose for photos, and Brandi is really great with guiding me through it to make every photo come out so spectacular.

I will continue to use her services, and I highly recommend her.

backyard session  | helotes, texas

4 / 6

sasha's family 

I can't express how grateful I am to have found Brandi, thank you Instagram!
The scheduling process was easy, the shoot was nerve wrecking for me, I was stressed, nervous & most of embarrassed- out of my element.

As soon as I met Brandi at our location she was so welcoming & sweet.
She encouraged and gave me motivation & for God Sake, my photos are amazing!
If you're in the market for photographer Brandi is your Gal!

madla park   | helotes, texas

6 / 6


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